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Mohammed Said

Mohammed Said is a developer at Laravel, husband, father, cyclist, runner, free-diver and blogger. In today's episode, Mohammed tells his story. We discuss how mental health is perceived in Egypt, working alone, not reading the news and more!

Matt Stauffer

This week I’m speaking to Matt Stauffer. Matt is a partner at the web agency Tighten, developer, teacher, podcaster and author. Matt and I speak about his experiences with anxiety and depression, being a great employer and other things!

Dries Vints

In our first episode I speak to Dries Vints, a software developer at Laravel. Alongside his day job, Dries is a blogger, speaker, meetup and conference organiser, podcaster and has recently announced Eventy, a new project he’s working on.

Episode 0

An introductory episode to the Happy Dev podcast with your host, James Brooks.

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